The “A’s” have it! You guys voted to Option A. go after Kayleigh. Even though you don’t talk anymore, she’s clearly upset.

Read on to find out what’s going on with your obviously crazy ex-BFF!

Chapter 03: To Find Out What’s Up With Your Ex-Bestie, Turn To Page 123

“Kayleigh!” you call after your ex-best friend who has moved surprisingly fast across the school parking lot.

You are amazed that she actually stops and waits for you to catch up. As you approach her, you realize that you not only left the hot new boy to come after her, but you actually don’t know what to say. The two of you stopped speaking a month ago. Well, she stopped speaking to you. With no explanations.

“Um… are you okay?” Great. Today has once again proved my mastery of communication skills.

Kayleigh huffs. “That witch Heather doesn’t know who she’s messing with!” You raise your eyebrows, unsure what to say. Thankfully Kayleigh continues, “She thinks she has everything figured out, but she doesn’t know anything!”

You notice Kayleigh is looking dazed, tugging on a polka-dotted scarf that’s tied around her neck, as if it’s tied too tight. Since when did she become all Grease-is-the-word? But, since this is the first time she’s talked to you since she stopped, you try to keep the, er, conversation going. “What do you mean?”

Maybe that wasn’t the right thing to ask. Kayleigh snaps out of her trance, and it’s like she’s just noticed you’re standing there. “You!” She looks like she might hit you or turn and run away. Thankfully she does neither. “You should stay away from me…. you… you don’t want this.”

“Don’t want what, Kayleigh?” Maybe she really has gone off the deep end.

Her eyes narrow, and a coldness comes over her features. “You don’t want to know.” And she turns on her heel, leaving you alone in the parking lot.

Well, that was helpful. You puzzle over the rock-solid proof that Kayleigh’s come over with the crazy as you head back in to the cafeteria. When you enter, it is almost completely empty. You’ve missed lunch.

You head back to your locker to grab your chemistry book before class, but when you open it, you see someone has slipped you a note. You grab it and your book, reading the note on your way to the lab.

Hey you,

I can explain what’s going on with Kayleigh. Maybe you could come over after school? I’ll save you a seat in the lab.

xoxo, Finn

You look up from the note in your hand as you walk through the door to chem class. Sure enough, the seat next to Finn is empty. He winks at you. (You notice an annoyed-looking Heather sitting at the table behind him.) But before you can make up your mind to go sit next to Finn, you notice Neil out of the corner of your eye. He looks from you to Finn, back to you, and as his eyes lock on yours he shakes his head almost imperceptibly before looking down at the empty seat next to him. Then Neil’s eyes find yours again, and the look is almost pleading.

Do you:

A.  Go ahead and sit with Finn, and maybe let him talk you into coming over to the sacred ground that is the hot boy’s house?

B.  Ignore Finn and join Neil at his table. Was that a warning look he gave you about Finn? What is going on? You are determined to make him spill.

C.  Tell Mr. Harrigan that you have a migraine and are heading to the nurse’s office, but actually just go out to your car and ponder the craziness of this day?

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