Ok, y’all are obviously into some risky business, cos the majority of the votes on Monday’s post were for A. Go ahead and sit with Finn, and maybe let him talk you into coming over to the sacred ground that is the hot boy’s house.

Little did you know that your choice would result in the longest CYOA post so far, because apparently I can’t help myself when it comes to hot boys with enigmatic motives. So, with that warning (no, seriously, you might want to sit down… with a cocktail), Let’s head back to High School Horror!

Chapter 04: To Continue Flirting With the Hottie, Turn To Page 54

Allowing yourself one more glance at Neil’s beautiful, pleading blue eyes, you settle into the seat next to Finn and take your homework out of your backpack. Usually you try to refrain from such outward signs of dorkdom, but the “xoxo” in Finn’s note has gone straight to your head, and you’re suddenly feeling, for lack of a better term, like The Shit.

So when Finn turns to you and asks, “I’m assuming you got my note?” you are, for the first time in your life, able to look him right in the (emerald green) eyes and formulate a rational, totally clever response: “I did indeed!” ONE POINT FOR THE NERDY GIRL!

“So,” Finn asks, leaning on his elbow against the desk, thereby giving you a front row seat to the gun show, “Do you wanna come over or what?”

“Well, I… um.” You struggle to picture those x’s and o’s in your head as your newfound confidence flees the scene. “I mean, yeah, I do, but…” Your eyes flick over to Neil, whose gorgeous face has settled into a stony expression.

“But what?” Finn dazzles you with a smile that, until that moment, was typically reserved only for head cheerleaders.

“Well, it’s just that,” PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. X AND O FOR GOD’S SAKE. “I just tried to talk to Kayleigh, and she seems really freaked out.” Your teacher, Mr. Spearson, walks into the room, so you lower your voice to a whisper. “Can you tell me what’s going on now? I’m totally worried about her.”

“Of course you’re worried,” Finn replies, conspiratorially moving his face closer to yours and rendering your lungs useless, “because that’s the type of sweetheart you are.” Ok, that’s it. Your heart has officially stopped beating. “But it’s kind of complicated, and I really think we should wait until we have some privacy.”

“P-p-privacy… um, yeah, ok.” Does that mean what you think it means?! Holy hotness! You’ve never even kissed a boy, and your sweaty armpits know it.

Your visions of Finn’s bedroom are interrupted as Heather suddenly appears, shooting you a death stare that could give Medusa a run for her money. “EXCUSE me, but you’re in my seat.”

“Oh, um, I’m so sorry,” you say, as you frantically reach down to pick up your backpack. Suddenly, Finn’s hand presses down on your arm, forcing your backpack to remain on the floor and sending tiny bolts of electricity through your entire nervous system.

You look up in surprise and see Finn staring at Heather with an unreadable expression. “No, she’s staying right here,” he says, slowly and deliberately.

Heather’s face falls for a split second, then her eyes narrow with bitchy intensity. “Finn, you’ve never been one for community service, so why the charity case?” Even as she nods her head to you, Heather’s gaze remains focused on Finn. You realize everyone in the entire class is now staring at the three of you, and you start praying to the bell. Please ring, please ringI’ll never be tardy again, just PLEASE RING.

“Heather, I thought I made it clear to you that I want to widen our… social circle.” Finn speaks the last two words in a calm, measured tone, but is that anger you detect in his green eyes?

Heather toss hers expertly tousled hair over her shoulder and snorts, “Yeah, because it worked out so well with Kayleigh!”

Before you can respond, the bell rings (oh, NOW you answer my prayers? Thanks for NOTHING) and Heather reluctantly heads to an empty seat as Mr. Spearson clears his throat.

“Sorry about that,” Finn whispers. “Heather can suck my—“

“All right, class,” Mr. Spearson booms, “please get out yesterday’s assignment so we can… Er, yes?” He nods towards Neil, who has urgently raised his hand.

“Sir, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I’m new here, and…”

“Ah yes, you must be Neil Howard. Welcome to the class.” Mr. Spearson’s face contorts in what might be a smile or simple indigestion.

Suddenly, Neil is saying your name as he explains to Mr. Spearson that he needs help with his locker combination and could the two of you please be excused for a few minutes so you can help him get his books? Say WHAT?!

As your brain begins to short circuit, you feel both Finn and Neil staring at you.

Do you:

A.  stay seated with Finn so you can figure out why the entire school has suddenly moved to Crazytown?

B.  escort Neil to his locker and hopefully discover why he’s hating on Finn?

C.  fake a major stomach ache and head straight to the uncomplicated safety of the nurse’s office so you can just process this shizz?

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