Note: This miniseries was initially titled Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel.

In continuing with my all-consuming re-exploration of all things Anne, I’m offering up to you today the Official FYA Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel Drinking Game!

Last week we introduced the first Official AOGG Drinking Game to get you started, but who can watch that one without immediately putting in the sequel?!!! Not I, FYA readers, not I.

I got some help on this one, in the form of reader comments, and the following rant submitted by Megan no H:

WTF IS GOING ON, GILBERT IS ENGAGED TO CHRISTINE?!! What is this movie trying to do to me?! Get me to cut myself? DO NOT LIKE.

And what happened to Redmond and Patty’s Place?!!!

Behold the fruits of our labor!

The Official FYA Anne of Avonlea Drinking Game

Take one drink:

  • Any time the words ‘diamond sunbursts’ or ‘marble halls’ are mentioned
  • When Anne makes fun of Diana for wanting 37 doilies when she gets married IN FRONT OF FRED AND GILBERT!!!! (Effectively making Anne a bit of a brat, when, in reality –the book– she ONLY teased Diana in private!)
  • For ‘Plum puffs won’t minister to a mind diseased…
  • Every time Anne is proposed to
  • Each time the camera zooms in for a close-up of that priggish Jen Pringle
  • For the appearance of Dave Foley, WTF?!!
  • For ‘Gooseberry’

Take a Shot:

  • Each time Anne’s hair pouf grows in size (submitted by lovely kgwa, my liver shakes its fist at you!)
  • Whenever the movie veers so far from the books as to become barely recognizable (Morgan Harris, anyone?)


  • When Gilbert tells Anne he’s engaged to stupid Christine (Again, in reality, THAT NEVER EVER EVER HAPPENED)


  • Raise your glass with a hearty “To Puffed Sleeves!” at the final scene, and the long-awaited KISS!!!!!

And there you have it! Pour yourself a cocktail, pull out that VCR (unless, like me, you purchased the re-mastered DVDs) put on your puffed sleeves, and get ready to get CRUNK!!!!

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