Hey FYAers! Spring Break is over, and my face is sad. But hey, at least I’m not being overrun by robot overlords. So, you know. That’s something.

Last week we learned about Rolex’s ingenious plan to destroy all machines, and got to have a little bit of secksy times with Chance! Sadly, that was interrupted by a group of people, including our robotic roommate Sev and two of our other love interests. (We are popular.) You guys actually unanimously chose C. Don’t say anything. They all came here for a reason. See what they’re up to.

Which I’m super glad about, because I did NOT want to have to write a sex scene. I am far too repressed for that sort of thing.

Chapter 23: Mutual Destruction Assured

Even though you don’t really remember your past, you’re pretty sure that this is the most embarrassing moment of your entire life. It’s bad enough that you were caught making out with a guy – the president’s son! – by half the school, but out of the corner of your eye, you can tell that Chance had, um, risen to the occasion. Awkward.

Chance opens his mouth to explain, but you squeeze his hand and subtly shake your head. These people came to your room. Let them explain.

“Hey, roomie!” chirps Sev. “I brought all these people here to search through your stuff!”

Your eyebrows wing up to your hairline as you look over to Cain, who at least has the decency to duck his head with shame. “Sev,” he stage whispers. “You aren’t really supposed to say things like that.”

“I never received the prevarication software update,” says Sev brightly.

“Maybe someone could explain what the hell she’s talking about,” you suggest, keeping your eyes locked on Cain. “Cain? Perhaps you could explain?”

Cain looks to your math teacher, Dr. Artemus, who clears his throat and steps forward.

“That was actually my idea. Sorry; I don’t mean to invade your privacy. But I believe you have something in your possession which could help our cause.”

You look to Chance, who shrugs, and then back at Dr. Artemus. “And you didn’t think that maybe, I don’t know, asking me for the . . . whatever it is, you didn’t think that might be a good idea?”

“I’m not sure you actually know what it is. And nor do I, really. Rolex told me that he had given you something small to keep. But he said it in a way that implied it was something important, the key to something big. I just thought we should look.”

“Where is Rolex? Why didn’t you ask him?” Chance addresses this to Cain, looking as affronted as you feel.

“Well, we can’t find him. Which is mildly troubling, considering he was supposed to be working on the reprogram software.” As Dr. Artemus says this, he sends Chance a speculative look, and you aren’t quite sure why the three guys seem to be at odds. Is it over you? Or is it over something else?

Now is the perfect time to come clean with everyone about Rolex, but something holds you back. Even if Dr Artemus is on the up and up – and that’s a big IF – what makes him think it’s okay to just randomly root through your stuff? And why did Cain think it was a good idea to join him? And how the hell did they manage to convince everyone else to come along?

You know one thing for sure: you definitely do not want these people rooting around in your room. You’ve got to figure out some way to get these people out of here.

Do you:

A.  Tell them about Rolex’s death, but don’t mention the note? Maybe they’ll want to go back for his body.

B.  Tell them about Rolex’s note, but tell them that you need to find his “special space”?

C.  Kick everyone but Sev and Chance out of the room and try to figure out what’s going on, since Sev doesn’t know how to lie?

D.  Let them look through your stuff? You have no idea what or where Rolex’s “key” is, and maybe they can find it for you without even knowing about it.


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