Welcome back everyone! It’s Monday morning! And as we all know, the best part of every Monday morning is … (wait for it) … choosing your own adventure! Last week you decided to ditch your hottie boyfriend Dace to meet up with Eli, the dark and handsome mysterious-loner-necromancer. Out on the flying field, you meet up with Eli…and his mother (boner killer!) Eli and his mom Heather starts to tell you that your father is a bad man. Do you want to hear them out?

At 83%, the overwhelming majority of you chose to B. Ask Heather to explain, nicely, what the hell is going on?

Well, looks like we wanted some answers! Just remember when you all find out something don’t like, that we did offer you the chance to take the blue pill…

Chapter 04: Papa Don’t Preach, I’m In Trouble Deep

“What do you mean, not a good man? What is that supposed to mean?” you ask, aggravated that Eli would say such a thing. Sure, Dad is can be a bit strict, but most good parents are, right? And you can’t exactly be Mr. Nice Guy if you’re as successful and powerful as Dad. But, not a good man? That’s way harsh.

Heather reaches over and takes your hand into hers. “It’s not quite that simple, Tabitha” Heather says. She is looking as uncomfortable as you feel . “I’m not sure how to tell you this, so I’ll just say it. Maximilian Whitley is not your father.”

You immediately yank your hand back out of hers, like you’ve been burned. Not my father? What the hell is this ageless psycho talking about? “Listen lady” you say. “I don’t appreciate what you’re implying about my mother. If you think you can call my mother some sort of slut and get away with it, you’ve got another thing coming — “

“Tabs, will you just listen for a minute without the angry outbursts?” Eli interrupts. You are two seconds away from going off on him for calling you angry, but realize the trap you’ve been put in. Instead you bite your tongue. You can’t help but notice that Eli finally called you Tabs.

Eli continues, “We aren’t saying anything about your mom here. You dad was your dad. He’s just…” Eli seems unsure how to explain. “Not anymore.”

“What do you mean, was?” You’ve calmed down a bit, but you are starting to get a creeping sick feeling in your stomach. The same feeling you get every time you’ve ever heard a group of girls whispering about you or laughing after they’ve looked your way.

“Well, a couple of years ago, your father began making…irrational decisions. Meeting with shady individuals. Making uncharacteristic votes and decisions on the counsel. I don’t believe that your father has changed on his own. I believe that someone or something is affecting his behavior. A powerful enough wizard could be performing a control spell on him. Or even disguising himself as your father. A powerful necromancer could have killed and reanimated your father — “

“Are you trying to tell me my dad is some sort of zombie?! If my Dad were a member of the undead, don’t you think I would have notice that?” You can hardly believe what you are hearing.

Eli looks straight at you with those beautiful green eyes. “Tabs, how much time have you really spent with your father in the last couple of years? Be honest.”

The question is kind of unfair. You are in boarding school, after all. So you only get to see your family on holidays and summers. Except that you realize you spent the last summer in Europe with Drusilla and her family. And the summer before at horse camp.

“Not…much.” It pains you to admit it. Not just because it hits you with a pang of homesickness. But also because you cannot believe you now exist in a world where you have to consider the possibility that you dad could be a freaking zombie. “Why are you telling me this?” you ask.

“Because Tabitha dear, we need your help.” Heather begins. “We need someone who can get close to Maximilian Whitley, and that’s you. If he is being controlled, or is someone else entirely, we need to know who is behind it. If the Magical High Counsel is being compromised we need to know who is doing it and why.”

“But how can I do that? How am I supposed to figure out what’s going on? I’m just…me.” All this talk of conspiracies is making your feel small. Suddenly your typical day to day concerns seem childish. You spend so much time and energy concerned with your looks and what others are thinking and saying about you. Thinking about the fact that your dad could be controlled, dead or…worse, suddenly all the fuss feels pretty pointless.

Eli looks at you again with those piercing eyes. “Don’t ever say that like it doesn’t mean anything. Your special Tabs, you just don’t know it yet.” Eli’s words make little butterflies flip around in your stomach. You can’t even remember the last time Dace gave your butterflies and you immediately feel guilty.

“Look Tabitha, I need to get going.” Heather says, looking nervous. “I really shouldn’t be seen at the school. But I’ll be in touch.” She and Eli turn around and stalk off quickly without so much as a goodbye.

“But wait!” you shout as they walk away. Did they seriously drop all of that information on you and not even stay around to answer your thousand and one questions? Who are these people anyway? Can you even trust what they’re saying?

Do you:

A. Find Drusilla. You can see what she thinks about this whole crazy situation.

B. Find Dace. You need someone or something fun to distract you from everything.

C. Call Dad. See what was so important that he needed to talk to you about.

D. Quickly cast an eavesdropping spell in Eli and Heather’s direction. It won’t last more than a couple of minutes, but who knows what you’ll hear??

Megan is an unabashed fangirl who is often in a state of panic about her inability to watch, read and play all the things.