ARE Y’ALL READY FOR THIS?!!! No, seriously, are y’all ready for the insanity that is going to go down in this movie?!!! Need a drink (or ten) to help you prepare/get through it? Well, last night Sarah and I braved the cold (haha, who am I kidding, we’re in Austin!) and the lines to see this movie at midnight, JUST so we could bring all of you, dear readers, The Official FYA Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Drinking Game!

If you’ve been watching cast interviews, or following us on Twitter, you might wonder what there could possibly be to drink to, since Taylor Lautner let slip that since this installment of the Twilight saga was “really character driven”, he only takes his shirt off once. (But Taylor, sweetie, being shirtless IS a good distraction from the bad source material part of your character!) Anywho, never fear! Between the two of us, we found PLENTY of things to drink to, so print these out, stuff your pockets with those little bottles of whiskey, and head on out to your local theater!

The Official FYA Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part I  Drinking Game

Take a drink when:

  • Edward bites a human
  • Charlie makes you cry
  • There’s a toast at the wedding
  • The movie tries to justify Jacob’s impending imprint
  • For each of the bruises Edward finds on Bella the morning after (Bella just fell down the stairs is all)
  • The pro-life vs. pro-choice theme makes you uncomfortable
  • The camera pans to Jasper
  • Seth Clearwater is adorable
  • You feel deathly afraid of being pregnant
  • The Cesarean Dentata occurs
  • Michael Sheen appears

At The Alamo Drafthouse, they served this delicious Sangria in a blood bag!

Take a shot when:

  • Charlie declares his own hotness.
  • Stephenie Meyer appears.
  • Edward breaks the headboard.
  • The getting-ready-for-sex montage occurs.
  • You see the ‘science!’ of Bella’s insides.

Chug for the duration of:

  • The wedding kiss
  • The Volvo commercial
  • Any vampire sparkling
  • The wolf telepathic pow-wow (This one might kill you)
  • Bella drinking blood

Empty the bottle/glass for:


This is, uh, 3 bags in…

Comrade Cullen says “Bottoms Up!”

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