I don’t know if you guys are aware, but cooking shows are, like, a really big deal right now. I mean, there’s the whole Rachel Ray empire and that dude with the bleached hair straight out of a ’90s music video and, of course, the crayest of them all, Sandra Lee. (Hello, HAVE YOU SEEN HER KWANZAA CAKE?!!)

Well, here at FYA, we realized that in this vast kitchen of food television, there is a gaping hole. You see, while there are shows out there for people who love cupcakes and for people who love cooking barefoot and for people who love using 50 pounds of butter (who doesn’t?!), there is no show for people who love unsuccessfully cooking while also being drunk.

And that’s where our friend Lee comes in.

Lee is a long-time friend of Megan no H as well as a valuable member of the Houston FYA Book Club. Lee is charming, hilarious and, above all, a terrible cook. So, obviously, we invited her to launch an FYA cooking show.

Each month, she’ll attempt to make a YA-inspired recipe. Each month, she will probably fail. And each month, we guarantee that it will be the best cooking show you’ve ever seen.

We hope you enjoy today’s premiere, and feel free to leave Lee cooking tips, future recipe suggestions and flowery compliments in the comments!

This post was written by a guest writer or former contributor for Forever Young Adult.