You guys! Game of Thrones Season 2 premiered last night!!! And I couldn’t watch it, because I’m visiting my family in Williamsburg, VA! Where I’m doing stuff like visiting Colonial Williamsburg! Just like In Past Perfect! So I hope the GOT season premiere wasn’t a disappointment…

Because here’s the thing: There’s really only one person who could have loved Season 1 of Game of Thrones more than myself, and that’s me at age 12. So starting next week, my adult self and my 12-year old self will each be giving you our impressions of that week’s episode and then letting you, commenters, take it from there to vent, cheer, wail in agony — you know, the usual post Game of Thrones stuff. So for now, here’s what me, myself, and I HOPE happens this season:

12-Year Old Jenny

Oh man, I really hope that stinking Joffrey dies! He makes me so mad! And Sansa is super pretty, but I’ll never forgive her for covering up for Joffrey and getting Lady killed. I’m most worried about Arya, but she’s so cool! I wish I could sword fight like her. I hope nobody else in the Stark family dies. I’m worried about Jon Snow, too, because if he leaves The Wall to help his family, won’t he be a traitor? I want him and Sam to both stay safe. I like Sam. And I think Jon Snow is really cute. Mostly, I hope that justice is served, and the bad Lanisters — which is everyone except for Tyrion (although I think my mom would say that he was a pretty bad man, too, but by comparison, I think he’s alright) — get what they deserve. And I hope no more dire wolves die.

Adult Jenny

Oh man, I really hope that stinking Joffrey dies! Fuckin’ Joffrey.

Actually, Adult Jenny is pretty much in agreement with 12-year old Jenny, so now I’ll turn it over to all of you in the comments! If you HAVEN’T read the books, (and therefore don’t already know what’s going to happen in this season) what would you like to see happen?

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