Hey y’all!

So I went home for Easter a few weekends ago, and decided my family reunion in New Jersey would set the ultimate stage for another episode of Cooking TragicLee.

And I was right! Inspired by Lord of the Rings, I decided to make a rabbit stew. As someone who has limited (read: zero) experience working with meat, I sought the assistance of my family members. With the help of two Gandalfs (my father and younger brother), one Arwen (a quite pregnant sister), one Aragorn (brother-in-law turned videographer), and a very confused mother, we managed to somehow combine our brainpower and, despite ignoring most of the recipe’s instructions, create what somehow proved to be a rather palatable dish. Enjoy!

Warning: The first few minutes of the video are quite graphic and involve a lot of close-ups of a knife sawing away at a rabbit. Proceed accordingly.

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Lee Mimms spends her days drinking craft beer, daydreaming of spending her life with Cameron Quick, and making sure the fire alarm in her kitchen is functioning.

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