Good morning, FYA! I hope you aren’t eating breakfast, because you are about to be horrified by this month’s Cooking TragicLee video.

In honor of Tintin, I attempted to make crepes. Y’all, I faced a lot of obstacles in preparing this dish. First, my recipe for the crepe itself was in French. How the hell do you measure grams?! Second, I decided to make a “Lee’s Favorite Things” crepe. This posed a couple of key problems — a) most of my favorite things are made of alcohol & b) I grocery shop about half as often as I cook — which is to say, never. So, my options were limited. Third, in order to get in the spirit of things, I drank a lot of Belgian beer. This resulted in me being more interested in my personal dance party than the actual cooking process. 

Anyway! All this is to say that the crepes turned out interestingly. Enjoy?

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Lee Mimms spends her days drinking craft beer, daydreaming of spending her life with Cameron Quick, and making sure the fire alarm in her kitchen is functioning.

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