We’re halfway through Monday, y’all! Yippee! Let’s celebrate with a video!

So here at FYA, we are clearly really into the Olympics. I tried to get into the spirit of things myself by cooking something based (loosely) off of one of my favorite YA athletes, Jessica Darling! Jessica and I both hail from New Jersey: Land of Diners, Unfortunate Accents, and Bagels. So I made bagels. I also covered my homemade “bagels” with Nutella (this stemmed from some confusion in which I mistakenly believed that Jessica’s BFF’s name is Hazel. it’s not. it’s Hope.). Things went, as per usual, really badly. Follow along with this recipe as I make a mess a meal! A meal that tasted overwhelmingly of plastic and regret.

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Lee Mimms spends her days drinking craft beer, daydreaming of spending her life with Cameron Quick, and making sure the fire alarm in her kitchen is functioning.

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