This month’s FYA Book Club selection is Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick. Check out the discussion questions below! (Slight spoilers ahead.)

P.S. If you’ve already read the book, feel free to add any other discussion questions of your own in the comments!


Alex is one BAMF. How do you compare to her, re: survival skills? In other words, how long would you have made it in this book?


1. Due to the breakdown of power, it’s difficult for Alex to get a clear picture of exactly what caused the Zap. An e-bomb? A nuclear bomb? What do you think happened?

2. Tom or Chris?!!!

3. Why do you think the dogs are drawn to Alex?

4. What do you think Alex is changing into? Do you think her tumor will still ultimately kill her?

5. If you were Alex, would you have stayed in Rule or made a run for it?

6. What do you think will happen in the sequel? Are Tom and Ellie still alive? And will Ellie be less annoying?

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