Happy Halloween! Today is pretty much my favorite holiday that doesn’t involve turkey!!! I love pumpkins! I love spooky things! I love chocolate! I love wearing costumes! (But either truly scary ones, or good characters — never “Slutty ____”. This year, I am going as Jesse Pinkman.). Anyhoo, we are almost FOUR episodes in to Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries, and have spent the first three episodes gleaning cues to create the most perfect drinking game for this season! But THEN!!! As George and I were riding our bikes to the store last night to get ingredients for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, I heard the sound of a kitten crying! We pulled over, and found a little black cat caught in a bunch of brambles, shrieking her head off! After assessing that her mother was probably not coming back, we wrapped her up and took her home. You guys, she’s, like, 1 day old! So the rest of the night was spent feeding, bathing, and rubbing her butt. (Don’t ask.) But here is a picture:

She is the size of my finger. And now, for the game!

The Official FYA The Vampire Diaries (Season #4) Drinking Game

Take One Drink:

  • When there is mention of strong, strong VAMPIRE EMOTIONS, or if something Elena does is explained as being “BECAUSE OF HER HEIGHTENED VAMPIRE SENSES!!!”
  • At the appearance of a Shirtless Salvatore (or other favorite male character)
  • For Flashbacks!
  • At any mention of The Five
  • Whenever there is gratuitous use of blood!
  • For Double Trouble: if you are ever fooled by the Katherine/Elena Parent Trap thing
  • Whenever there is a meeting of The Handsome Club
  • When Rebekah has a Mean Girls moment
  • For meaningful eye contact
  • Whenever someone has a sad
  • When Damon makes crazy eyes
  • If someone says ‘hybrid’
  • When the Salvatores do fisticuffs
  • For awesomeness!
  • Whenever a person is used as a juicebox

Finish Your Drink:

  • For Shirtless Salvatore Fisticuffs (if ever there is an occasion, hint, hint, CW!)

Take a Shot:

  • Whenever someone, previously dead, comes back to life

Pour One Out:

* -If a character dies for reals

See you back here Friday morning! Cheers!

Jenny grew up on a steady diet of Piers Anthony, Isaac Asimov and Star Wars novels. She has now expanded her tastes to include television, movies, and YA fiction.