Alright, y’all. I have a confession. We’re in Day 4 of Hannukah, Christmas is a mere 13 days away, and I have not really started my holiday shopping at all. To make matters worse, my mom called last night to notify me that my family will not be doing any sort of gift exchange until the 29th. This information is negating what little motivation I have to start preparing for the holidays. But never fear, FYA readers! I’ve already got your gift all sorted out!

Enjoy this month’s TragicLee video, which puts an FYA twist on decorating gingerbread men cookies. By which I of course mean that I subject my gingerbread cookies to a fight to the death, Hunger Games-style. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Lee Mimms spends her days drinking craft beer, daydreaming of spending her life with Cameron Quick, and making sure the fire alarm in her kitchen is functioning.

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