Greetings Adventurers!  Proving once again that we are substance over fluff, the majority of voters last week chose to: Find a computer whiz.  You still have Silas’ password-protected files, remember?

Chapter 09: I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watchin’ Me

You need to get your thoughts in order.  What with being distracted by the creepy phone call you (well, Kayla’s phone) received, Silas’s lips, walking in on the QB getting a BJ from a LB — is LB even what they call linebackers?  You know, for short? — not to mention Silas’s arms, the realization that your drama teacher isn’t just possibly a perv, he most definitely is one, and, of course, Silas’s eyes, you’re understandably a little flustered.  Plus, what was going on just now in the principal’s office?  You’ve never seen the old man look so chagrinned.

So.  First things first.  Your might fixes on the flash drive in your pocket.  The one with the folder that has your name on it.  And the one that is very, very password protected.  You need to confront Silas about it — I mean, you’re a team right?  But since there’s no way that’s going to happen, you need a computer whiz.  Lucky for you, you know just the person.

Sam got kicked off the school paper for exposing the fact that the administration was dumping all of the recycling bins in with the garbage, so you were pretty sure the whole “snooping” thing wouldn’t be a problem.

You scan the cafeteria before your eyes rest on a brown ponytail just barely visible above a laptop.  Taking a seat across from her, you clear your throat.  Brown eyes rimmed with plum-colored liner.  How is it possible that the school computer geek has more style than you?  You sigh.

“Hey Sam,” you silently pull out the flash drive and slide it over to her.  She eyes it, but you know temptation will win out in the end, and count to 5… 6… 7 before she snatches it up and plugs it into her laptop.

You don’t even bother to explain.  Such pleasantries are unneeded with this type of thing.  You know.  You’ve seen Brick.

After about 20 seconds, Sam’s eyes meet yours again over the laptop.  “It’ll take me until tomorrow.”  You nod. 

“It’ll cost you $50.”  You gulp, but nod again.  You can raid your savings from your summer job.  Bye-bye fall wardrobe.  Your mind flashes to Kayla’s brimming closet and you tamp down the rising thought of sneaking back over to borrow a few things.  First: find Kayla.  THEN raid her closet.

Afternoon classes drone on, but eventually, you’re walking out the front doors to freedom, sweet freedom.  You scan the parking lot for a glimpse of Silas, but don’t see him.  He did say he wanted to hang out after school, didn’t he?

You shuffle off to your own car, but just as you slide your backpack off your shoulder into the seat, you see a folded piece of paper under your wiper blade.  Maybe Silas left you a note?  You grab it and unfold it quickly, eager to see what it says:


You realize that your eyes are blinking rapidly of their own accord, and you can’t seem to focus on the words on the paper because your hands are shaking so badly.  Crumpling up the note, you glance around the quickly emptying parking lot.  No one seems to have taken any notice of you.  Not knowing what else to do, you climb into your car and lock all of the doors, before putting your hands on the wheel to steady yourself.  Okay:  start car.  The ignition turns over a couple of times before it catches, and you breathe a sigh of relief…

But where should you go?

A. Home. Even though your parents won’t be there, it’s your safest bet, and the best place to figure out what to do next.

B. Back to Kayla’s. Shit just got real.

C. Over to Silas’s. You need someone to tell about this.

D. To Sam’s. Maybe if you’re breathing down her neck, she’ll decode faster.

Jenny grew up on a steady diet of Piers Anthony, Isaac Asimov and Star Wars novels. She has now expanded her tastes to include television, movies, and YA fiction.