So, as y’all are more than aware, we here at FYA HQ are huge fans of Dance Academy (to such a degree that Sarah even suffered through 7 episodes of Camp — somebody get that girl a medal). What y’all might not know is that I actually lived in Sydney for a summer! I spent the majority of that time desperately trying not to mimic the natives’ accents — this is a particularly unpopular habit of mine. While there, I also picked up some Vegemite as a souvenir for a friend.

As I was cleaning out my cupboards a few weeks ago, I found this tiny jar of Vegemite hanging out in a back corner. How, after 5 years, 4 moves, and the fact that this Vegemite was actually a gift to someone else, that Vegemite was still in my possession is beyond me. (Uh, let’s not even talk about how it expired in October of 2008…) However, this was actually a most happy discovery: I’d been wanting to “honor” Dance Academy with a video ever since finishing Season 2 a few months ago. And so, I did! Please enjoy my pitiable attempt at making a cheese-and-Vegemite scroll (recipe in the link).

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