In July of 2012, Sarah sent me a recipe for raspberry cordial, inspired by Anne’s infamous cordial/sherry mix-up. I sat on it for a year. You’d think that, given how much time I had to mull over this recipe, I’d a) have done a better job with it and b) more thoughtfully timed my filming of it.

But, no, dear readers. Instead I a) condensed the cooking process from 24 hours into 30 minutes (a predictably regrettable decision) and b) wore a polyester dress during Houston’s August, without the A/C running (the thinking here being that the A/C would create too much background noise). It was 95° in my apartment; I was, as they say, in the depths of my despair. No wonder why Anne lives on Prince Edward Island.

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Lee Mimms spends her days drinking craft beer, daydreaming of spending her life with Cameron Quick, and making sure the fire alarm in her kitchen is functioning.

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