Several weeks ago, a list with quite a narrow definition of ‘well-read’ made the rounds; like many of y’all, we were not impressed. And because we’d like to score higher than newbie since we obviously are not, FYA made our own YA-version of the list! 

Using Top 100 lists from NPR and Persnickety Snark, as well as our own Required Reading selections, we compiled a list of classic, popular, and popular-within-YA novels. Now, this is not the same as being the best of YA — because omg there are some titles that I’d sooner knit myself a hat and eat it, rather than putting them in the same time zone as Best of YA.

And conversely, if you’re wondering why your fave isn’t on the list, there are a lot of beloved books that didn’t make the cut. This is merely a sample of well-known YA, and inclusion doesn’t necessarily reflect quality. Or diversity — and y’all know it kills me to have so little of it. (… so let’s all read more books with diversity and make some of ’em The Next Big Things, OK? OK.)

Series books also only count as one entry, so having read the entire Hunger Games series eleventy million times isn’t going to boost your score. For the purposes of this, anyway, ’cause that would win you a gazillion internet cool points!

Without further ado… 

How many of these YA books have you read?

What does your result say about your YA reading habits?

1-11 Books (1-15%): Hermione Granger

Maybe you’re just starting out in YA, or you prefer other types of books. But let’s be real — the only reason you haven’t read more YA is ’cause you’re usually busy saving the world, NBD. Ten points for Gryffindor!

12-26 Books (16-35%): Donna Meagle

You read enough YA to know the difference between Tris and Katniss, so go ahead and Treat Yo’ Self! You can get it.

27-38 Books (36-50%): Charlie

Dear Friend, you tackle any and all reading lists with zeal, and your favorite book of all time is always the one you just read. Books just have a way of making you feel infinite.

39-49 Books (51-65%): Belle

You’re a regular fixture at your library, and your love of books has even been immortalized in song (or it should be). You have always harboured a desire to slide around on a rolling ladder.

50-60 Books (66-80%): Rory Gilmore

To say you love books is an understatement; you never leave the house without at least one, and you’ve been known to euphorically sniff them, too. And you know the best kind of flirting is done over books. 

61-68 Books (81-90%): Matilda Wormwood

Nothing can get between you and your books — HATERZ TO THE LEFT (even if they happen to be your own parents). Besides, there’s no better pick-me-up than cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book.

69-76 Books (91-100%): Liesel Meminger

You’ll take any book you can get your hands on and devour them all the same. Because for you, books aren’t just a passion; they’re a way of LIFE.

… BUT WAIT. What if you haven’t read a single book from this list?

0 Books (0%): Jordan Catalano

You’ve come to the right place! You might not read anything YA, but we love you anyway. We have plenty of recommendations for you to start a love affair with us YA. (P.S. You’re very pretty.)

How many of these books have you read? Let us know in the comments! (I’ve read 43  — Belle! — and FYA has reviewed a Rory-tastic 55 of these books so far.)


Mandy (she/her) lives in Edmonton, AB. When she’s not raiding the library for YA books, she enjoys eating ice cream (esp. in cold weather), learning fancy pole dance tricks, and stanning BTS. Mandy has been writing for FYA since 2012, and she oversaw all things FYA Book Club from 2013 to 2023.