Hey aca-bitches! Pitch Perfect 2 is finally here, and it’s a BLAST. But you know what makes a fun movie even more fun? A cappella A lcohol!

This drinking game does contain a few spoilers, so we recommend taking it for a spin on your second (and third, and fourth) viewing. In other words, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should probably stop here.

But if you have seen the movie, meet us in the comments so we can convo!

The Official FYA Pitch Perfect 2 Drinking Game

Take a drink when:

  • John makes a disparaging comment about women
  • Lilly whispers
  • The racism behind Flo’s character makes you uncomfortable
  • Beca’s boss berates Dax
  • A celebrity cameo happens
  • Beca accidentally compliments Kommissar
  • Someone triggers a bear trap
  • Kissing happens

Take a shot when:

  • The Obamas react to Fat Amy’s vagina
  • The Green Bay Packers appear
  • Fat Amy serenades Bumper with “We Belong”
  • Generations of Bellas appear on the stage

Offensive bikini body glass optional.

Sarah lives in Austin, and believes there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure, which is part of why she started FYA in 2009. Growing up, she thought she was a Mary Anne, but she's finally starting to accept the fact that she's actually a Kristy.