This month’s FYA Book Club selection is Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee. Check out the discussion questions below! (Slight spoilers ahead.)

P.S. If you’ve already read the book, feel free to add any other discussion questions of your own in the comments!


Have you ever been on a epic trip with someone you didn’t know very well? Did you end up friends by the end?


1. This book depicts people from multiple cultures. Did you feel that they were explored in-depth enough?

2. Do you think Annamae and Samantha really fooled anyone by posing as boys?

3. Desperation drives a lot of Annamae and Samantha’s decisions. Were there any that you absolutely could not do, even if you were in their positions?

4. How did you feel about Annamae’s family throughout the book? At the end of the book?

5. What kind of future do you imagine Annamae and Samantha having?

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