This month’s FYA Book Club selection is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Check out the discussion questions below! (Slight spoilers ahead.)

P.S. If you’ve already read the book, feel free to add any other discussion questions of your own in the comments!


All of the Dregs bring unique qualities to the team: Kaz is the leader, Inej is the spy, Nina’s the healer, etc. If you were to join the team, what unique quality would you have to offer?


1. The description for Six of Crows makes it seem like Kaz Brekker is the main character, but the book is divided up into multiple POVs. Would you rather the book have been told from only Kaz’s POV? Or did you like the multiple viewpoints?

2. The Dregs are grey characters, and some veer over into “villain” territory at times. Does the fact that they’re anti-heroes make them more compelling?

3. Do you have a favorite member of the Dregs? Who is it, and why?

4. Would you have liked to learn more about the characters’ backstories, or did you get enough information in the glimpses Leigh Bardugo provided?

5. Who do you think experiences the most character growth? Was the change believable?

6. The relationships in Six of Crows, particularly the romantic or possibly romantic ones, aren’t your typical ‘ships. Do you ship anyone in in the book? How do you feel about the more obvious couplings?

7. Did you see the book’s resolution coming, or did the twists surprise you in the end?

8. Six of Crows is set in the same universe as Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy. If you’ve read the trilogy, do you feel that Six of Crows fit in the universe well? If you haven’t, did you struggle with jumping into the world-building (or lack thereof)?

9. Bardugo has a unique writing style. What do you like or dislike about it?

10. Will you pick up Crooked Kingdom to finish the duology? Any predictions for what might happen?

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