This month’s FYA Book Club selection is A Million Junes by Emily Henry. Check out the discussion questions below! (Slight spoilers ahead.)

P.S. If you’ve already read the book, feel free to add any other discussion questions of your own in the comments!


June was named after a long line of Jack O’Donnells. Were you named after someone? If so, who? And if not, where did your name come from?


The O’Donnells have passed down stories about their history for generations, some of dubious origins. Does your family have any tales (true or of the O’Donnell variety) that were passed down to you?


1. What did you think of the balance between the real world and the magic surrounding Five Fingers and the O’Donnell household? Was Henry able to do a credible job creating a magical atmosphere within a contemporary setting?

2. It’s been ten years since her father’s death, but June still worships Jack. How did you feel about Jack, and how did that change as the story unfolded?

3. Despite how much they were drawn to one another, June and Saul hit a lot of roadblocks in their would-be romance, including their families’ on-going feud and the fact that Saul was a few years older than June, tutoring her, dated her teacher, AND lied to her parents about his identity. Did any of these factors affect how you felt about Saul and June getting together, either negatively or positively?

4. How did you feel about Ms. deGeest and her teaching style, and how did that change when you found out about deGeest’s history with Saul?

5. Between June’s best friend Hannah, the hilarious Nate Baars, and June’s wacky but loving family, there are a lot of lovable characters in this story. Who was your favorite secondary character and why?

6. While not the focus of the novel, there was still something special about June and Hannah’s friendship. (#friendshipgoals!) Did you enjoy that part of the book? Do they remind you of any other great bookish friendships?

7. As the story of the Angert / O’Donnell feud unfolded, were you surprised by the history between the two families? Were you able to figure out who Feathers and Nameless were before Henry told us? If not, what were your theories about what took place?

8. In the end, did you think both families were justified in their hatred of the other? Did you think one family was more to blame than another?

9. How did you feel about the way the story and the curse were resolved?

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