This month’s FYA Book Club selection is Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann. Check out the discussion questions below! (Slight spoilers ahead.)

P.S. If you’ve already read the book, feel free to add any other discussion questions of your own in the comments!


Alice has a Cutie Code, in which she rates how visually pleasing something or someone is to her. Have you ever made your own code/categorized system of classifying things? What was it for?


1. Alice and Feenie have a very close (some would say co-dependent) friendship, and their expectations of how they should treat each other are a cause of tension for Alice. Do you think both sides had a valid complaint, or did you find yourself siding with one over the other? Did you agree with the resolution of their fight?

2. Did you find the actions and reactions of Alice’s parents to be believable? Could you understand their motivation (even if you didn’t agree with it)?

3. What do you think about the portrait of asexuality in this book? Did you learn something? Do you think that Claire Kann effectively balanced educating and storytelling?

4. How did you feel about Alice as a character? Did you get a sense of her “charm magic”? What about her self-described asshole behavior?

5. Did you find Takumi’s response to Alice’s confessions (first, the disclosure of her asexuality and second, her admission that she wanted to date him) realistic? How about his perspective on sex and its emotional value?

6. Kann utilizes a lot of parenthetical statements and pop culture references. Did her style enhance your reading experience or detract from it?

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