Forever Young Adult has been around since 2009, which means our archives can feel like those stacks at the college library where it’s easy to get lost (or stumble upon a couple making out). While the latter didn’t happen on our old site (um, as far as I know?!), the former was a common occurrence.

We wanted our new home to be easy to explore, but we also wanted it to be efficient for those of you on a mission to Find a Certain Thing. Hey, time is precious! We get it! After all, a minute saved is a minute for reading another page. So we set out to improve our search and navigation, and if the ability to find books with a 10 on the Swoonworthy Scale (MY KIND OF TECH, Y’ALL) is any indication, I think we did a pretty bang-up job.

In addition to Swoon, you can now search books by Genre, Pub Year, and our new category, Voices (read more about that here!). And like before, you can search by tag for your particular interests, such as Mysterious Loner Dudes or tasty business (i.e. books that will make you hungry).

Moving on to the non-literary portion of the site, you can also search our TV/Movie content by Genre, and we’ve even organized our Rewatch Projects* into their own landing pages. Our drinking games are still readily available, natch, and the lab is always open for our Highly Scientific Analysis.

And if you do want to take your sweet time, you can still find our complete* list of book reports here, which is now on one page and therefore waaaaaay easier to search via Control/Command+F.

We hope all of these improvements make FYA a more comfy (yet cleaner!) hangout for y’all. Come and stay for a while!

*We’re still manually migrating over content from the old site so watch your step around the massive holes in the archives.


Sarah lives in Austin, and believes there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure, which is part of why she started FYA in 2009. Growing up, she thought she was a Mary Anne, but she's finally starting to accept the fact that she's actually a Kristy.