Well, come on in! Kick off your shoes, grab some comfy sweatpants, and join me in this nest of blankets! What’ll it be–popcorn? Cookie dough ice cream? Twizzlers? Calories don’t count when you’re watching TV, amirite?! (Please let me live this lie.)

I have the pleasure of ripping the plastic off our brand-spanking new TV/Movies landing page and giving you the grand tour. The goal here is to emotionally fulfill you with a place to relive (and squee over!) your nostalgic teen faves, get into debates in the comments about which love interest is better (trust, we ALL have strong opinions), and help you find something to procrastinate-watch when your streaming service presents with you TOO many choices.

On your left is our tried-and-true Stream It recommendations, where we vet TV shows and movies so you don’t waste your precious time. Maybe you’ve always been curious about the Issa Rae dramedy, Insecure, on HBOMax but you weren’t sure if you should take the plunge? (SO MUCH YES. And its fifth and final season is airing now!) Was that Let It Snow movie adaptation of the John Green book worth it? (Sure, if you like Hallmark Christmas movies featuring teens.) Should you finally break down and click on that Amazon Prime/Hayden Christiansen turd gem, Little Italy? (Only if you hate yourself.)

Straight ahead is where our second passion (after books) lies: rewatching and reexamining, in loving and excruciating detail, all of our past TV show favorites. I’m pretty sure this is a passion of yours as well, because the comments for all our Rewatch Projects are always a source of lively debate. (Unfortch, any old post comments couldn’t be migrated, so you’ll just have to rewatch your faves again and comment anew!!) Since we stuff our Rewatch Project posts full of gifs and pics, this migration process has been a, uh, process, so please check back periodically as we literally labor in love to bring all of our Rewatches over to their new homes. (Buffy is, at least, here and waiting for you!)

Sarah’s already waxed poetic about our amazeballs search features, but, seriously, it was one of our most wished for and already most loved parts of our new site (organizational nerd over here!). So we are v. excited to bring you options to search by things like Genre. You want to laugh or cry tonight? Either way, we got you. And when we find something worthy to wax poetic about that’s still on the air, you’ll find those recaps over on our TV Recaps landing page.

So feel free to take a load off and join us as we shout at Netflix that YES, WE’RE STILL WATCHING AT 3 A.M., STOP JUDGING US. You’re always welcome on our couch!


Stephanie (she/her) is an avid reader who moonlights at a college and calls Orlando home. Stephanie loves watching television, reading DIY blogs, planning awesome parties, Halloween decorating, and playing live-action escape games.