Welp, the first week of 2022 has been a doozy, so you should congratulate yourself on getting through it—especially if you had to go back to work! Gross! Consider this collection of distractions your reward.


We announced the winner of our Best Book of 2021 reader poll, plus we made a few reading resolutions for 2022. Oh, and I cannot WAIT to discuss this month’s book club pick, The Bear and the Nightingale.

In book reports:

  • Brian got his sleuth on with I Know Your Secret by Daphne Benedis-Grab.
  • Stephanie launched into space with Eliot Schrefer’s The Darkness Outside Us, a sci-fi story with a gay romance.
  • Mandy C. went galactic with Alechia Dow’s The Kindred, which earned a Swoonworthy Score of 7.

Book Things

Here’s a round-up of all of the YA adaptations in progress for 2022.

Mary Sue released their list of most anticipated sequels coming out this year, and we see a few books we’d like to get our grabby little hands on. (A sequel to Pet?! Another installment of Akata Witch? Yes please.)

Image/Skybound launched their new YA imprint with a Walking Dead graphic novel by Tillie Walden.

Onscreen Things

Encanto gets to the heart of the Colombian experience that many might overlook. (Read Mandy W.’s rave review here!)

If you couldn’t tell from our post full of reasons to watch Yellowjackets, we are BUZZING over this show, y’all. Vulture has a great thread with plausible theories (full of spoilers, obvs), while Paste did a write-up on our fave bananas character, Misty Quigley. Plus there’s this excellent Vulture Festival panel with most of the cast.

This isn’t new, but I have gotten increasingly obsessed with this SNL sketch over the past few weeks, and since I’m in charge of Pro-Tips today, I’m gonna make you watch it!

(There’s another one, with Billie Eilish. Thankyoufordis.)

The final season of Search Party drops today, and former FYA contributor Kerensa Cadenas did a set visit, the lucky duck. Also, if you’ve never seen this show, CATCH UP IMMEDIATELY.

Social Media Things

RIP Betty White. 💔

And here’s the only acceptable explanation for this travesty:


This is the only way I’ll accept her passing…

♬ original sound – Tyrese D’Amelio

At least this made us cry *happy* tears:

Yeah, why is writing so hard?!

On the other hand…


You know Charlie is the ONLY one I’d wanna hang with at a Forks wedding. (Related: our extensive Twilight coverage.)

On that note, I completely support this explanation of Twilight:

Make sure you get to slide 8:

I mean, I’ll drink whatever Rhys gives me.



Miscellaneous Things

The CW is for sale! So, are we pooling our money together or what?

This is so very, very awesome (make sure you scroll through):

That’s it for this week. Feel free to share your thoughts on these or any links we may have missed in the comments below!

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