The Season One finale of Yellowjackets aired tonight, and y’all, it has been a WILD ride. Obviously, we have much to discuss, which is good, because like the gals trapped in the wilderness, we’ve got way too much time on our hands until the next season. I’ll start us off with a few points of interest—i.e. there be spoilers ahead!!!!—and then I hope you’ll join me in the comments for a lot of baseless conjecture and bananas theories.

Okay, like I said, if you haven’t watched episode 10, halt here! Turn back!

I am serious. Misty Serious. So don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Aaaaalllright now that it’s just us:

  • Jackie died! Even though the list of favorite movies in her journal says otherwise! Are we to assume the writers just didn’t double check that IMDB trivia?

  • But also, Jackie dying was pretty sad. And needless. Then again, hypothermia is preferable to being hunted and then eaten so… who is the girl who dies in the pilot?!

  • The gals’ reunion entrance was TOPS! Especially to the tune of the Offspring! I will go on record saying that was an inspired choice. Come out and play, bitches!

  • Quoting Beaches just about killed me.

  • Lottie can eff off, Misty is MY QUEEN. The body dumping knowledge! The funeral trick! The lacing of cigarettes! Girl, I will be your date to the reunion (and do “shooters” with you) until the end of time.

  • So, it’s a problem that Shauna’s daughter knows about Adam, right? Right.

  • Are we to assume there’s a secret society/cult? Inspired by Lottie?! I can’t wait to see the HBO documentary about it.

Overall, it does feel like the writers have a plan for at least the next season, so I’m buckled in and COMMITTED. How do y’all feel? Join me in the comments but please know that FYA Book Club is actually for real, Jeff.

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