Y’all, Daylight Savings is only 22 days away! WE’RE GONNA MAKE IT! Until then, here are some bright spots from the internet to keep you going.


Stephanie sacrificed herself on the altar of Hollywood rom-coms to bring us this review of Marry Me.

And here are this week’s book reports:

  • I kicked it old school for our third installment of the 2022 Grown-Up Guide to Romance Novels with a review of three Loretta Chase books.
  • Brian headed underground with Melissa Grey’s bunker dystopia, The Buried.
  • Mandy C. savored the compelling, morally grey characters of Only a Monster by Vanessa Len.
  • Stephanie shared her forecast for Weather Girl, Rachel Lynn Solomon’s latest romance.

Book Things

Read the first 85 pages of R. Eric Thomas’ upcoming YA book, Kings of B’More.

What romance novels can teach us about attraction. (This is the best kind of science.)

Mindy Kaling is launching an imprint with Amazon (hmm) with a focus on “romantic comedies, suspenseful dramas and coming-of-age stories by a diverse range of emerging & established voices.”

Attention, Cinder fans!

The North Texas Teen Book Festival list of panels is live! If you live near the Dallas area, I highly recommend attending. (And if you do, come to the panel I’m moderating, “Watch Your Book”! It’s gonna be fuuuun.)

Check out the cover of Lily Anderson’s new Buffy novel, Big Bad, which takes place in an alternate version of Sunnydale called… Demondale. HERE FOR IT.

Check the replies for some excellent suggestions (though I will always question a lack of interest in YA):

Onscreen Things

Bridgerton Season 2 comes out the day before my birthday. Aww, Netflix, you shouldn’t have! (JK, yes, you should have.)

Natasha, we’ve missed you!

The Elvis trailer is here and Austin Butler is fire (I’m also loving “I’m in a Baz Luhrmann movie!” Tom Hanks):

Damn, SNL in March is gonna be smokin’ hot:

Social Media Things


The resemblance is uncanny:


10/10 would watch BURGER MONSTER:

Thank god for Lasik:

Nicely done, lads:

I would legit read this:

You know that cat would’ve made room for Leo on the door:

Now I can’t stop thinking about what Marcus Flutie’s first word would be. Then again, I can’t imagine Marcus Flutie playing Wordle:

Hollywood, please, I beg of you:

Miscellaneous Things

No need to wait for your letter to arrive, Hogwarts BSU is open to all!

What’d we miss? Add your fave distractions of the week in the comments.

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