Y’all, SPRING HAS SPRUNG! At least, for enough time to have patio drinks today, which I did. Tomorrow it’s gonna be cold AF but you know what? Daylight Savings is about to come through and put the SAVE in Saving, and I am sooooo ready.


Mandy W. watched Selena Gomez’s cooking show and made a drinking game because why not?

In book reports, we’ve got:

Book Things

We’re getting another installment of the Graceling series! I’ll always take s’more from Cashore. (#notsorry)

Here’s a list of 40 highly anticipated YA books publishing this year.

Onscreen Things

Never Have I Ever is getting a fourth and final season, and I can only hope Kamala lands an episode with her own narrator.

First look at Fire Island, Joel Kim Booster’s queer rom-com, starring Booster, Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers, and Margaret Cho. YES PLZ.

More Bridgerton goodness:

André Braugher is heading to The Good Fight, and when I say cool cool cool, tight tight tight, I MEAN IT.

According to The Atlantic, Turning Red is Pixar’s cleverest film in years. Meanwhile director Domee Shi talks the ups and downs of being a trailblazer.

Lana Condor and No…t Noah Centineo but Cole Sprouse? Mmkay:

First look at Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I can’t decide if it makes me feel old or young or WHAT IN THE SPACE TIME CONTINUUM:

Warner Bros. did some date shuffling with their movies, my man!

Social Media Things


In every generation… (also, plug for our Buffy Rewatch):

In the words of Whitney Houston, “I believe the children are our futuuuuure”:


The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill walkout from my school <3

♬ Born This Way – Lady Gaga

As Stephanie said, this take on why we love the enemies-to-lovers trope just… freaking resonates:

Agreed, we CAN all blame capitalism:


So we all agree that we can blame ✨Cap1talism✨ for all our problems right? 👀💅 #Free99 #Capitalism #mentalhealth

♬ Infomercial music – QUINNY Z

Miscellaneous Things

The women of Nerdist celebrate their fave complex fictional ladies, and all I can say is, TEAM MARGO.

Abbott Elementary partnered with Scholastic to provide free book fairs at underfunded schools, brb CRYING.

This Afro-Surrealist artist turned iconic Black memes into oil paintings for an art exhibit.

What’d we miss? Add your fave distractions of the week in the comments.

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