We’ve only got one more week of April, which is bananas!! In the words of Ferris Bueller, life moves pretty fast… unless it’s a Friday, and you’re stuck at work. Here’s hoping these internet tidbits get you through the day.


Stephanie conducted a Highly Scientific Analysis of The Lost City, and if you need more laughter and joy in your life, then you will be most interested in her findings.

Rosemary invites you to take a trip to Austenland, which is utterly delightful and absurd. Tally ho!

This week’s book reports:

Book Things

Buzzfeed has a list of magical and wonderful queer alternatives to the Harry Potter books. (Which leads me to remind you that you can easily browse our site for books featuring gay, lesbian, and bisexual voices, among others.)

In totally unsurprising but great news, #BookTok is selling a ton of young adult books!

File this under “R” for Right On!: the Authors Guild is launching a Banned Books Club.

Onscreen Things

The teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder arrived, and we are HERE FOR IT:

This is the kind of One Tree Hill reunion we can get behind.

We’re digging this luscious first look at Mr. Malcolm’s List, described as Bridgerton meets Pride & Prejudice (plus a mustachioed Theo James!).

Have y’all seen the Pitch Meeting series on YouTube? It’s gold, and the latest installment is just up our alley (don’t balk at the title or weird thumbnail image, trust me):

This article is officially about Amber Ruffin co-writing a Some Like It Hot stage adaptation, which is rad, but!! She’s co-writing it with Matthew López, “the Tony Award-winning Inheritance playwright set to make his directorial debut with Amazon Studios’ LGBTQ romantic comedy Red, White & Royal Blue“!!!!!!

Social Media Things

Important news about important cheekbones!!!


Fascinating thread on whether Louisa May Alcott was trans:

This is exactly why we read romance novels (view our full review list here, and oh yeah, have you seen our romance novel merch in the FYA Store?!):

I mean, it’s a compelling argument:

Legends of Tomorrow has yet to be renewed, so of course, Beebo had to intervene:

As Jamie/Cathy likes to say, ACK!

Because we all need a pep talk from Chessy/Ms. Schemmenti:

Who knew a piece of paper could wield such power?!!

Miscellaneous Things

Interesting piece in Harper’s: costume designers on how they approached dressing characters of color featured within period pieces. (Related: our Bridgerton coverage!)

Julia Roberts turned down rom-coms for 20 years because a good script “didn’t exist.”

Last Saturday, Lizzo slayed on Saturday Night Live in every sketch, but here’s my favorite. I’ve got a feeling you’ll love it too:

What’d we miss? Add your fave distractions of the week in the comments.

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