Gang, we did it. We made it to Friday. With our sanity intact!* Let’s indulge in some internet fun (and then some cocktail fun, if you’re like me).



I raved about the Netflix adaptation of Along for the Ride (and whipped up a drinking game, natch).

Kandis is head over heels for Heartstopper, and her Stream It post about it has me convinced I need to binge it immediately.

In this week’s book reviews:

Book Things

Sarah Ferguson is writing a YA book inspired by her own life. Mmmkay.

I appreciate the nerdiness of this list of the most popular books in libraries from Jan-March, 2022.

Buzzfeed put out this list of 35 YA books by AAPI authors coming out this year.

Onscreen Things

*screams in Eric-from-Sex-Education-voice* OMG NCUTI GATWA IS THE NEW DOCTOR WHO!

Related, they actually did it!

Finally, some news on the Crazy Rich Asians spinoff focused on Astrid and Charlie!

Never Have I Ever Season Three returns on August 12th! TEAM BEN.

Damn, this week was a TV bloodbath with a ton of cancellations: Roswell, New Mexico, Dynasty, Charmed, Magnum P.I., Good Sam, and Legacies.


Buzzfeed has a list of some of the differences between the book and the adaptation of Along for the Ride (though methinks this writer isn’t as big of a Sarah Dessen swimfan as we are).

Stephanie Hsu joins her Everything Everywhere All at Once costar Michelle Yeoh in American Born Chinese.

Ugh, the internet is being TRASH about the casting of Leah Jeffries in the Percy Jackson series.

Rutherford Falls Season Two has a release date.

Social Media Things


Like, how dare you?!

I can’t possibly top this caption with my own:

Love love love this behind-the-scenes take on romance covers by the (queer) cover model herself!


More undercover lesbian work!! Let me know if you want more lol #wlw #lgtbqplus #queertok #lesbiansoftiktok

♬ original sound – Marisa Bertani

Really hoping my invite to this masquerade didn’t get lost in the mail:

Yep, we’re always here for the enemistry:

Sure, this is silly, but just try not to enjoy it:


Tell me if you want to see another speed animating 🚀😄 #animation #b3d #hulk #tutorial #speedup #timelapse

♬ 我们的歌(DJ版) – DJHIYALWAZ

Miscellaneous Things

Wow, this is one HELL of a collab:

In celebration of Ncuti Gatwa’s new role, please enjoy this most excellent of Eric lists:

What’d we miss? Add your fave distractions of the week in the comments.

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