We’ll get to the regularly scheduled shizz and giggles — or shizz and moderate amusement, if that’s all you can muster — but this past week has been a fucking nightmare. Here are GoFundMes for the shooting victims in Buffalo and Uvalde if you’re able to contribute monetarily. Either way, everything is awful, so remember to take care of yourselves, friends.


For this week’s Stream It, Stephanie unearthed her FYA audition piece to sing the praises of the show Eureka.

In book reports:

Book Things

Is Booktok changing the way we talk about books?

How many of these opening lines from YA books can you identify? (I got 22 out of 40, most of which were either very obvious or books that I haven’t read yet, and also this had way more questions than I was expecting.)

Students across Canada chose these 9 books as the 2022 Forest of Reading Award winners.

There’s a a new subscription app called Fictionz that “features female-centric narrative podcasts that will give users the option to listen to or read a story, ad-free”.

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) announces 2021 Bram Stoker Awards® winners.

“Ten years after [the publication of Gone Girl], this literary sensation still casts a long shadow over the psychological thriller market. But does the novel hold up?” (Read our review here.)

Onscreen Things

Heartstopper has been renewed for two more seasons! (Read our Stream It post on the first season here.)

Reviews for Fire Island (June 3rd; Hulu) have started to roll in, and they’re looking good so far!

More reviews to keep an eye on: Ms. Marvel (June 8; Disney+)!

Do what you will with this information.

Lena Dunham made a medieval coming-of-age film based on a YA novel of the same name, Catherine, Called Birdy (in theatres on September 23rd; Amazon Prime on October 7th).

Upcoming teen movie to put on your radar: Hulu’s Miguel Wants to Fight, which is about “a 17-year-old who asks his three best friends to help him get in his first fight ever before he moves to a new city” and written by Jason Concepcion and Shea Serrano.

Awww shizz — a new Daredevil series is coming to Disney+! Jessica Jones and Luke Cage next, please!!! Because those are the only Marvel Netflix series that ever existed!!!!! (Read our Stream It post on the Daredevil Netflix series here.)

Why romance is such serious business for Jonathan Bailey. (Check out our Bridgerton content here.)

Conversation with Melanie Lynskey. (Check out our Yellowjackets content here.)

The hypocrisy of Disney+ content ratings and its treatment of Love, Victor.

An ode to the cancelled-too-soon freshman series, Naomi. (It’s pretty fun, and I love her 5 parental units.)

Omg there’s an official cookbook for Gilmore Girls?! (Follow our rewatch and recaps here.)

Trailer for Season 3 of Love, Victor (June 15th; Hulu).

Trailer for Mr. Malcolm’s List (in theatres on July 1st).

Trailer for The Gray Man (July 22; Netflix).

Teaser for Andor (August 31; Disney+).

Trailer for The Winchesters (Fall 2022; The CW).

Trailer for Willow (November 30th; Disney+).

Social Media Things

Romance novels, explained. (Check out our romance reviews here.)

Novel plots, explained.

Forever called out.

Related: have you checked out the Mysterious Loner Dude tag lately?

My mind immediately went to the entire discography of Aqua.

The fact that Twitter has tagged this as “potentially sensitive content” is hilarious, although it might have a point since Darcy can be sensitive. (Check out our Pride and Prejudice content here.)

Eat it, censorship!

FREE IDEA, HOLLYWOOD. (Read our Stream It post of The Princess Diaries here.)

Miscellaneous Things

Some good news that came out of lifelong bird-watcher Christian Cooper getting harassed for Bird-Watching While Black: he’s getting a TV show!

9 comedians pitch what the comedy special of their dreams would be like with a Marvel-sized budget.

This space basically gets overtaken by my own specific interests whenever it’s my turn for Pro-Tips, so here you go!

  • These stories are so cute and wholesome!

  • In addition to my usual BTS/Kpop fare, you can have some hockey, too! The Western Hockey League regularly has spectacular names among its annual draftees, so here’s the 2022 edition. (Also might be handy for YA boy names lol.)

That’s it for this week. Feel free to share your thoughts on these or any links we may have missed in the comments below!

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