Hey y’all, I am OVER THE MOON because the ATX TV Festival is finally back in person this weekend, and it feels so good to be back celebrating the small screen with FYA ATX book clubbers (among others). If you’ve never been, start planning now to get your ass here next year!


Get the scoop on this month’s book club pick, Ace of Spades!

Stephanie’s Stream It is bloody interesting with Fresh.

In book reviews:

  • Brian reviews Flip the Script, a novel that mixes K-dramas with the fake dating trope, and then, yep, flips the script with a queer romance.
  • Mandy C. earned a badge with her review of Lily Anderson’s Scout’s Honor.

Book Things

Um, more Other Lands YES PLEASE?!

Onscreen Things


Sadie Sink on Stranger Things, mental health, and being besties with Taylor Swift.

John Green finally gets his cameo:

A Tale of Two Darcys at the Emmys.

Sony confirms God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn TV series are still in the works.

Dinner is SERVED:

Social Media Things

I mean, this is just my opinion but:

No seriously cats love it:

Bitch that pot!!!

Great question:

Here for the “flying thing”:

Team Moandalorain!

Related, purplemania!

Miscellaneous Things

BTS went to the White House which is the best thing to happen there in… a long time.

ALERT ALERT Chris Evans will be doing a puppy interview.

It’s Spelling Bee season y’all!!!

That’s it for this week. Feel free to share your thoughts on these or any links we may have missed in the comments below!

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