Friends it is FRIDAY and I am already counting down the days until next week’s three-day weekend (in the U.S.). Until then: LINKS.


Filed under Things You Should Watch: Mandy W. shares a Stream It on One of Us Is Lying (Season #1) and we’ve got an open-ended discussion post if you have *thoughts* on The Summer I Turned Pretty.

In book reports:

Book Things

The New York Times goes inside the push to diversify the book business.

LGBTQ authors recommend books that spark queer joy.

11 books to read if you’re yearning for more Heartstopper.

Onscreen Things

Consider us your GO TO for all things on the Sloppy Firsts adaptation, like, for instance, it’s being brought to us by the team that did TATLIB and *OMG* PEN15??! My early-aughts teenage self is dying.

omg they’re so cute

The Netflix Matilda musical trailer, which looks promising except for the dreaded fat suit.

Casting news for the Hunger Games prequel movie (that I am not 10000% sure I knew they were making?).

Variety has a tell-all with the Yellowjackets showrunners.

How Reagan, The Heart Of Rutherford Falls, Came To Be

How queer Asian American rom-com Fire Island became summer’s sexiest breakout hit

The Sweet Valley High reboot for CW has been cancelled. 🙁

Social Media Things

A collection of our favorites from the “they’re a 10 but” meme factory.

Um, I do NOT have a stack of unused notebooks thank you very MUCH I have a stack of notebooks that have writing on the first page ONLY.

A Great British Bake-Off contestant gets a Dolly Parton tattoo is very on brand for us. (And this happens to be the photo of Dolly that inspired our “Don’t Judge Me By The Cover, Cause I’m a Real Good Book” merch design!)

Miscellaneous Things

How one reader lost, and then found, Jane Austen.

Lit Hub’s got an article on the importance of stories that take teen girls seriously.

What’d we miss? Add your fave distractions of the week in the comments.

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