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Sarah wrote up a Stream It on the adaptation of Jennifer E. Smith’s Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between, which she describes as a “Netflix version of a beach read.”

And have you read this week’s Book Reports?

Book-Related Things

“The History of Reproductive Rights in the US, as Told Through 20 Books.”

Here’s a list of 13 rivals-to-lovers books. (Enemistry, yusssss.)

“‘The Great Publishing Resignation’ Exposes the Failings of the Industry.”

The science behind the idea that reading fiction increases empathy is … complicated.

“Here are 20 Short Passages from Books that Made Me Immediately Want to Read the Entire Thing.”

Peep this interview with HRH Sarah Dessen. (And, reminder, we have Colby merch!)

Onscreen Things

The Emmy noms came out this week and included recognition for Yellowjackets and The Great. (Reminder: We have a great list of books to read if you, too, loved Yellowjackets.)

Here’s a streaming guide to where you can watch all of the Emmy-nominated shows.

Have y’all been following the drama surrounding the author of Where the Crawdads Sing and her family being wanted for murder in Zambia?

“15 Classic Summer Camp Movies Ranked.” 

Taylor Kitsch wants nothing to do with a Friday Night Lights reboot.

I have OPINIONS: “​​Every Marvel TV show, ranked from worst to best.”

What to read based on what you can’t stop watching.

News about Julie Plec’s post-Legacies projects, including adaptations of Tobly McSmith’s Stay Gold and Victoria Schwab’s This Savage Song.

Multimedia Things

Miscellaneous Things

This is an Armie Hammer update we didn’t see coming.

What’d we miss? Add your fave distractions of the week in the comments.

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