Hey y’all, it rained yesterday in Austin, and it legit felt like a miracle. So I hope this Friday brings everyone a little bit of magic, whether it’s from Mother Nature, the universe, or from your own wallet in the form of tasty business or a magnificent cocktail.


I’m totally bugging over the fact that we had never reviewed Clueless on the site, so thankfully Rosemary rectified that!

This week in book reports:

  • Rosemary reviewed When You Call My Name, Tucker Shaw’s novel about two boys finding community during New York City’s HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1990.
  • Mandy C. had a great time hanging out with Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend, a magical graphic novel.
  • Mandy C. also reviewed Crumbs, a truly sweet (hey-o!) story about a young woman who’s struggling to find her place in life

Book-Related Things

Ali Hazelwood on trusting her own voice after BookTok fame.

Random but Goodreads has this list of 100 of the most popular YA books of the last five years.

Excellent post on writing disability when the question of “what’s wrong with me?” doesn’t have an answer.

Five dark YA fantasies about the Fae.

Sometimes, only the most heart-crushing book will do.

Ten books you read as a kid that are worth re-reading as an adult.

The ultimate fantasy beast: the dragon!

Pseudo-profanity as SFF worldbuilding.

Onscreen Things

First look at The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, and all I can think is that President Snow used to be Eminem?!

The CW will be a profitable network by 2025, and then we can all say, “I told you so!”

The Vampire Academy series trailer is here!

First look at Emma Mackey as Emily Brontë.

Pick a teen movie, get a YA book rec!

This had me at Emily Blunt but also her hat:

Social Media Things

He’s a 10 but…

Rhys wins every time:

Miscellaneous Things

Nicholas Braun did a photo shoot as Tim Riggins and I AM DEAD RIP DEAD.

A most valuable coin!

What’d we miss? Add your fave distractions of the week in the comments.

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