It’s the last Pro-Tips of 2022! Awww!


Mandy C. reviewed The Final Gambit, the third book in The Inheritance Games series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

I raved about Netflix’s Wednesday (and then bought Gwendoline Christie’s lipstick).

Book-Related Things

Love this thread on the history of gothic romance novels:

A ranking of NYC bookstores.

Dark academia‘s deadly allure and the timeless appeal of prep style.

The most beautiful libraries in the world.

Nine YA fantasy series with excellent audiobooks.

In case you’re still in need of a 2023 bookish calendar

Onscreen Things

A deep dive into Jenna Ortega’s instantly iconic dance in Wednesday. So iconic, in fact, that this Olympic ice skater recreated it:

The most anticipated book-to-TV adaptations coming in 2023.

Nothing but respect:

All the best scenes from the Matilda musical on Netflix.

Let’s talk about Kate Hudson’s rainbow dress in Glass Onion. Also, yes please:

Seeing these photographs reminds me, I’m due for a rewatch!

Social Media Things

I admire this sense of fairness:


Okay, yeah, this is funny:

We’ve all been there:

Miscellaneous Things

This piece on the Christmas tree industry in NYC is juicy AF (and so very New York).

Barack Obama’s annual favorites list.

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