That’s right, it’s time for FYA’s own version of March Madness, which has 100% less basketball and way more literature. This year’s competition is devoted to the YA books we’d love to see on screen, and the basic rule is: if a book has never been adapted (or in active production), it’s eligible to compete.

To create the bracket, we’ve organized our contenders by genre: Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Dystopia, and Historical, Folklore & Magical Realism. Behold our fighters!

A bracket of books that will compete against each other in YA Adaptation Madness

As we head into the tournament, you must ask yourself some serious questions. Which book have you meticulously fantasy casted? What setting would you most enjoy seeing in full, living color on the screen? Which novel best lends itself to the format of film?

For this year’s battle, all voting will take place via our Instagram stories, so make sure you’re following us! The face-offs begin this week, and we’ll post a recap of the carnage every Sunday until we crown the last book standing as our champion.



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