Happy last day of March! Here’s all the stuff you definitely need to know about this week.


Have you been voting for your YA Adaptation Madness faves in our Instagram stories? Things have gotten HEATED.

Regina recommended streaming Riverdance: The Animated Adventure about friends who learn to dance through danger and despair. You had me at dancing deer.

And in Book Reports:

Stephanie traveled back in time to the 1980’s with I’ll Stop the World.

Regina was charmed by the Korean folktale-inspired Wicked Fox (Gumiho #1).

Book Related Things

In good profiles with headlines I loathe, we have this Vulture piece, Emily Henry Cracked the Modern Romance Novel. Don’t get me wrong! We love Emily Henry! But she did not reinvent the genre. She’s doing all the usual tropes that people already love about romance, and she’s doing them well. (P.S. Bodice rippers usually refer to historical romances, which are not what Emily Henry writes, Vulture.) Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. 

In more Emily Henry news, it’s honestly surprising that there hasn’t been an adaptation of her books  yet, but Book Lovers is coming! Revisit our FYA book report here.

Former YA author, Rebecca Serle, is having her bestseller, One Italian Summer, adapted.

This debut novel is already being adapted for film. It’s only been out for two weeks!

OMG, I can’t believe we didn’t invent the BYOB bookstore sleepover. What have we even been doing with our lives?

Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver is going to be a movie!

And for the BTS fans, a thread of book recommendations based on Jimin of BTS’s solo album.

Onscreen Things

Riley Keough and Nzingha Stewart break down that intense Daisy Jones And The Six finale. Did you cry? I cried.

A new Scott Pilgrim anime series means more Chris Evans, yay!

We’re getting a whole To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before universe! 

In Harry Potter-related news that doesn’t suck, Daniel Radcliffe remains a good egg. He’s hosting a roundtable discussion for the The Trevor Project with six transgender and nonbinary youth.

Bless Jeff “There’s no book club?!” of Yellowjackets forever. This week’s episode was a banger.

Trailer for Primo (May 19 on Freevee/Prime Video).

Drew Barrymore staged a reunion with her Ever After co-stars.

We might be getting a new X-Files courtesy of Ryan Coogler?

King shit.

Social Media Things

Give us more Ben Barnes, you monsters!

Sorry to our friends still suffering through endless winter, Hunger Games-style.


Forever here for the Sarah J. Maas memes. C’mon, we’ve all been there with ACOTAR.

This highly specific niche.

The kids continue to be alright. 

Miscellaneous Things

Modern media is changing how fans interact with their fave celebrities.

This badass librarian on threats to arrest her over Gender Queer: “I am not hard to find,” she added. “If Mr. Miller wishes to arrest me, I am in my office working for the patrons and staff of the Lapeer District Library Monday through Friday.”

How the Yellowjackets creators fell in love.

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