I just got back from CinemaCon, and I gotta say what we already knew: the Barbie movie is going to RULE THE SCHOOL.

Speaking of ruling, shout-out to everyone who has signed up for our Patreon! We really really really appreciate your support.


In this week’s Stream It review, Kandis recommends spending time with the iconic Judy Blume in the new documentary about her life.

In book reviews:

Book-Related Things

Seven stories about fictional writers that need a reality check.

Maybe there’s a better way to think about adaptations.

Onscreen Things

So, I gotta admit, I was… not excited about this next installment of the Hunger Games films. But this trailer? It looks? Pretty good actually?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is getting a remake (and I feel okay about this because Elizabeth Banks is involved).

What happened at the Love Is Blind live reunion.

IT’S REAL YOU GUYS (and I’ll be ready in full gear):

Fingers cross that this Anne Rice spin-off turns out better than Mayfair Witches.

Mandy Moore’s husband watched A Walk To Remember and reacted like the rest of us. (I mean, like the rest of us except for the fact that I highly doubt he embarked on the intense level of analysis that we did.)

Important news! (Catch up with our review of Season One.)

Social Media Things

I am here for this Kenergy:

Stephanie: “It’s meeeee.”

Miscellaneous Things

Get some insight on the TV writers strike.

The true story behind Dead Ringers is creepy AF.

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