Everything is happening so much this week, am I right?


Mandy C. reviewed Ghosted and did not spoil its cameos, so I’ll just confirm Mandy is correct there.

Mandy W. was back with another edition of MAS Effect, this time reviewing God of War.

In book reviews:

  • Regina reviewed The Heartbreak Bakery by A.R. Capetta and required all of the baked goods afterward.
  • Brian reviewed Ellen O’Clover’s Seven Percent of Ro Devereaux, a book that answers the question of “what if the game MASH correctly predicted the future?” and more.
  • Brian also reviewed Betsy Cornwell’s Reader, I Murdered Him, and who doesn’t enjoy a good murder tale?

Book Related Things

This Waterstones’ special edition of Cassandra Clare’s upcoming Sword Catcher belongs on my bookshelf.

This is fascinating.

Book It! for a new millennium.

A reader is not a consumer of books.

Here are some book recommendations for the Ted Lasso crew.

That Flatiron Books mystery book you may have heard about? It’s a history of BTS, my K-Pop loves.

Onscreen Things

Breaking Dawn jokes never get old.

There will not be a theatrical release for Please Don’t Destroy, only streaming.

Temptation Island is back next month!

Ben McKenzie has introduced his daughter to The O.C. (PS: more The O.C. content here)

We have an Outlander trailer!

Catherine O’Hara is in the Beetlejuice sequel!

A reunion teaser just dropped for the Vanderpump Rules three-part reunion and the Scandoval of it all, and I can’t.

Social Media Things

I, too, am ready for the urn.

A not so mini Sexy History thread:

Puppy + Interview = a win for everyone

Miscellaneous Things

An oral history of BuzzFeed News.

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were the cutest at their grandfather’s coronation.

The story of a teenage girl, a charity supported by One Direction, and a secret dark truth.

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