I saw Fast X last night and it was a good (sadly not great) addition to the franchise. But Jason Momoa, HE ATE.


In this week’s Stream It on The Diplomat, Sarah poses the question: “What if Felicity turned into a badass ambassador solving the world’s problems?”

In this week’s Book Reports:

Book-Related Things

Did y’all hear the wild story about Twitter user Bigolas Dicklolas Wolfwood and This is How You Lose the Time War? Look no further:

The winners of the 58th Annual Nebula Awards have been announced.

The Cruel Prince collectors edition! (Check out Jennie’s review here.)

“Building Our Personal Libraries, and the Books We Leave Behind.”

“Six Authors Who’ve Successfully Adapted Their Own Work.”

Here are the 15 most-banned books in America this year. We have reviews of nearly half of them:

Onscreen Things

The CW, as we know it, seems to be coming to an end. They released a schedule for the fall season and it’s … terrible?

Excited for Nimona!

Thanks to Meredith C. for gifting us a link to the NYT interview ​​with Ariana Madix of Vanderpump Rules.

Here’s help with finding the perfect animated movies for folks who hate cartoons.

Social Media Things

The literal LIFE this sort of thing gives me.

Slow clap for this husband.

Miscellaneous Things

I feel like this is an appropriate note with which to kick off the weekend:

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