Hey y’all, can we officially declare it beach read season?! I spent last weekend with not one but two gal pals reading Happy Place, which I kept smugly telling them they would love. (They did.)


In book reviews:

  • Stephanie swoons over The Duchess Takes a Husband, which features fake engagements and women’s suffrage.
  • Mandy C. gives a 9 Swoonworthy Scale score to Fourth Wing, an adult romance… with dragons!
  • Regina reviews Rhythm & Muse, with bonus factors including Music and Tasty Business.

Book-Related Things

The kids are all right. (Related: Dive into our banned books reading list!)

Love this piece on why it shouldn’t be a “big deal” for men to love romance novels.

Compare contrast: Tor’s Yellowjackets reading list versus ours! (Either way, you win, not only because good books but also because your body hasn’t been eaten by humans.)

Check out this list of Jewish fairy tale retellings. (And while you’re at it, here’s a list of Jewish voices in books we’ve reviewed.)

Onscreen Things

Y’all, I saw Theater Camp at SXSW and it is aaaaamazing… as you can probably tell by this trailer:

Not mad about this shipping of Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt.

I pledge of allegiance to this Red, White & Royal Blue poster:

All the shows Disney is pulling from Disney+ and Hulu. Ugh.

The Color Purple trailer is out and it looks… really good?!!

Aaaand we’ve got a new Barbie trailer!!!!!

Margot Robbie gave Ryan Gosling a present for every day of filming Barbie. I truly want to be a Barbie girl, living in that wooorld.

Speaking of Barbie gifts:

First look photos of Heartstopper Season 2!

HBO Max becoming simply Max? Not only is it lame, it’s also a huge hassle.

This one’s for Meredith C. (more scoop here):

Social Media Things

Kiiiinda wishing this was real:

Humans of NY once again nails it:

We join the salute to the Albany Public Library’s Twitter account.

As Mandy W. said, inside each of us are two wolves:

Applause applause applause:

Okay, who’s ready to invest?!

The Twilight industrial complex continues to thrive:

Need we bring up the Ms. Perky rules?!


Miscellaneous Things

Tina, you were simply the best. Exhibit #154:

In other heartbreaking news, Hank Green has cancer.

This story of a fanfic sex trope and an AI is… I mean, that description alone.

The c-word is everywhere right now, which might be a good thing? Maybe?

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