Apologies in advance for all of the terrible sex puns I’m about to make. But c’mon, if any show ever called for it, it’s this one.

Y’all! The final season of Sex Education drops on Thursday!!! Anyone else making an “O” face in excitement?!! (See: apology above.)

To help us count down the hours, I thought it would be fun to convo about our hopes and dreams for Season 4. But first, Dr. Milburn is here with a recap of Season 3:

GAH I’ve missed this show. [Insert blue balls joke here I guess? Sex puns are harder than I thought.]

So, any predictions for what will happen? Any prayers you’re whispering to the TV gods? In the style of the show, let’s over-share in the comments!

Here’s what I’m hoping will happen this season:

  • Otis and Maeve will have a strong, healthy, romantic relationship. BUT… I’m not sure I want them to actually end up together in the end? Am I just completely bananas for thinking that?
  • Maeve will emerge from the U.S. program with confidence! And by graduation, she’ll have a plan to set the world on fire.
  • And here’s another potentially unpopular thing to say: I’m not rooting for Eric and Adam to reunite. I love them both DEARLY, and Adam’s arc throughout the series has been incredible (not to mention heart-melting), but these two aren’t endgame for me. With that said…
  • Adam will accept himself and discover a path for his future.
  • Eric will head out into the world, ready to absolutely crush it, with his head held high and his laughter ringing out. (Best laugh ever.)
  • Aimee Gibbs will BE OKAY!!!! She’s had a tough road of recovery after her assault, and I just want her to get a thousand (consensual) hugs. Also, I think she might be my favorite character? I submit this best of video as evidence.
  • Ruby Matthews will get a happy ending. Her arc in Season 3?! Stunning, absolutely stunning. In addition to being totally iconic, she became… well, human! And to my surprise, I found myself legit loving her.
  • Dan Levy will be amazing. Because he is.
  • More Madam!!!!

And then lastly.. as Dr. Milburn put it, who’s your daddy?!! (That’s what she said! Literally.)

So, join me in the comments, and let’s talk about Sex (Education), baby!

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