Happy new *NSYNC song day to everyone!!!


In this week’s Stream It, Mandy C. reviewed Loki season 1, just in time for season 2.

In book reviews:

Book-Related Things

For those of you who get to experience actual fall, you might need this The Babysitters Club sweatshirt.

Protecting your reading, important.

These 183,000 books were used *without permission* to train AI.

Mine is Tessa, who is your Shadowhunter soulmate?

The Seattle Public Library is gorgeous.

Onscreen Things

An interview with the intimacy coordinator for Sex Education and Heartstopper (spoilers for the latter especially). For more content on these shows, check out our reviews of Heartstopper season 1 and season 2, Sex Education season 1, and what we want from season 4.

How Sex Education introduced its asexual character.

How one character’s arc on Sex Education shows the complexity of queer people’s relationship with God.

The romcom template (AKA Moonlighting) is coming to Hulu.

As someone who loves a lot of fictional brands and bands, this is a great read.

One way to celebrate One Tree Hill turning 20 is to rank the 14 most bizarre plot lines.

The real life moms of Reservation Dogs.

Social Media Things

If you’ve been wondering about girl math and boy math, we are here to help.

No, you’re crying.

To be fair, Paul, I also did not know Madison Beer.

Important Hair History.


Speaking of One Tree Hill:

Twilight season is a very underrated season, y’all.

TBH, I would buy some of this Twilight merchandise.

Tag yourself, I’m library mouse.

Miscellaneous Things

The WGA strike has reached a tentative agreement!

Behold the power of Barbie, Beyonce, and Taylor.

RIP Michael Gambon, who most of us probably knew best as Dumbledore.

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