Happy Friday? Yes, Friday! Just think, we are only one week away from new Taylor and The Tortured Poets Department. The vibe seems so angsty, which is my favorite.


Mandy C. reviewed the fun spy romp that is Argylle. PS: nothing bad happens to the cat.

In book reviews:

  • Stephanie reviewed Faye Delacour’s The Lady He Lost, an adult romance that’s the first of the series.
  • Regina reviewed Makiia Lucier’s Dragonfruit, a book that involves dragons (shocking, I know), magical dragon eggs, and a main character being torn in two different ways.
  • Mandy C. reviewed K. Ancrum’s Icarus, both a modern retelling of the Greek mythology story and a queer romance.

Book-Related Things

FINALLY, Cassandra Clare’s The Wicked Powers series, the last trilogy in the Shadowhunters universe, has a contract and a release date. She also announces a new non-Shadowhunters YA romantasy duology. BTW, if you’re like me and can always talk about Shadowhunters, we have discussed some of the books, the movie, and most of the TV show here at FYA.

Onscreen Things

Nicholas Galitzine talks about his homme fatale turn in Mary & George.

Mashable very favorably reviews Mary & George, which premiered last weekend on STARZ and I am very impatiently waiting to watch episode 2.

Read Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar-Perez chat about Red, White & Royal Blue and then play our drinking game while you (re)watch the movie.

Walton Goggins is gunslinging his way through TV, and if “we dug coal together” means something to you then iykyk.

Related: season 3 Bridgerton trailer dropped!

X-Men 97 is Marvel’s best argument for an X-Men animated feature.

Who’s ready for a Melrose Place reboot?

Yulin Kuang, the screenwriter and director of Emily Henry’s Beach Read (and a romance novelist as well) was on this week’s episode of the Fated Mates podcast talking about adapting books (especially romance) for screen.

News about the latest Avatar: The Last Airbender casting news for the animated movie and also Rihanna is going to be Smurfette?

Social Media Things

Greta Gerwig talks about “I’m Just Ken.” If this inspires you to start a rewatch, we have a drinking game for you.

The eclipse earlier this week was very cool and also brought about a lot of quality Twilight: Eclipse content.

Percy Jackson shenanigans!


Miscellaneous Things

Who doesn’t love a random debate about kitchen appliances?


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