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Book report grading


Where are all the old posts?

in the process of manually transferring everything, nearly 12 years’ worth

not transferring everything

site upgrade April to XXX 2021

What’s with mustachioed Edward Cullen?


How can I get an FYA Book Club chapter in my area?

If there’s no FYA Book Club chapter near you, get in touch with us

find a chapter leader or volunteer to do it yourself

How do y’all choose the FYA Book Club selections?


How much money do y’all make from blogging?

Lol none??!?? We’re trying to monetize better through ads (which is why we’d greatly appreciate you turning off your ad-blocker on here!), but most of the money we make is through our RedBubble shop or affiliate links. However, as much as we appreciate what we’re able to make, we’re not yet able to financially compensate ourselves or our contributors.

Can I write for y’all?

contributors and guest writers

Do y’all accepting books for review?


What about book tours, spon con, etc.?

We’re definitely open to all kinds of collaboration. However, we will only accept those that we feel are an appropriate fit for us, and any collaboration will not influence our honest opinions.

Coming soon!

If you have any questions that weren’t covered above, feel free to ask away!