Cover of A Cosmic Kind of Love, featuring a pink-haired woman on a pink planet with her back to a man on a purple planet

About the Book

Title: A Cosmic Kind of Love
Published: 2022
Swoonworthy Scale: 8

First Impressions: I’ll Meet You Halfway
What’s Your Type?: Meet Cute, Opposites Attract, Beta Hero, Miscommunication, Kinda-sorta Love Triangle
The Lean: Slow and Steady
Dirty Talk: I See You Shiver With Antici-
We Need to Talk: Is This Real Life?
Was it Good For You?: Fly Me to the Moon

Content Warning: This book features fatphobia (countered, from parents), toxic parents, divorced parents fighting, and drinking.

First Impressions: I’ll Meet You Halfway

I love the colours. Everything is working for me except for the representation of the main characters … are those loafers? With white socks?? I am sorry to whoever drew this. I know how hard it is to draw face profiles but these are not cute. I am not getting successful, beautiful as heck, businesswoman or hot Latinx astronaut that people admire. 

What’s Your Type?

  • Meet Cute
  • Opposites Attract
  • Beta Hero
  • Miscommunication
  • Kinda-sorta Love Triangle

Dating Profile 

Hallie Goodman, people-pleasing event planner extraordinaire, is in charge of the engagement party for New York Socialite, Darcy Hawthorne, among other important events. Constantly having to play referee to her newly divorced parents, her life feels like anything but her own. With no close friends to confide in, it’s almost like therapy when she starts sending off video messages about her mess of a life to an unmonitored email … OR IS IT?! DUN DUN DUUUN. 

Christopher Ortiz is still getting used to being back on earth after his mission with NASA. Unsure what his next step in life is, but hoping to appease his impossible-to-please father, he’s feeling a little stuck. Sure, his Instagram is blowing up and the tv spots are nice but he’s never been the one to covet the spotlight, and the pressure to represent the Latinx community makes him feel like a fraud since he knows little to nothing about that part of his life. So when he starts getting emails from a pink-haired event planner, he feels a connection that’s (I am so sorry for this) out of this world. 


Hallie receives an email from Darcy with party inspiration ideas. But they’re not party videos, they are definitely personal videos from Darcy’s ex-boyfriend, Captain Christopher Ortiz. Instead of being professional and emailing Darcy back immediately about the mix-up, she lets curiosity get the better of her and watches the videos. Multiple. Times. I mean, it’s a hot astronaut talking about space and the exciting mission he’s on, I can’t say I blame her! Realizing she’s crossed a line (after thoroughly stalking him online) and feeling extremely guilty, she sends her own video response back to the Captain apologizing.

Instead of Christopher replying back to Hallie, though, he sends a fake bounce back making her think the emails are going nowhere and no one is seeing them. THE DECEPTION. Hallie sends off a couple more videos and Christoper is very intrigued. When he sees an invite to Darcy’s engagement party he thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to finally meet this Hallie Goodman … who has invaded his privacy but is also extremely cute … so all is forgiven.  

The Lean: Slow and Steady

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It’s a slow burn. With the back and forth of video watching between the two of them, Hallie describing her hot mess of a life and Christopher explaining about cool space stuff, I was dying for them to meet. They’re flirty and cute and soon you’re begging for them just to kiss already! Seriously 248 pages in and finally some action. The romance was realistic and felt very healthy, until the miscommunication. I know they’re only human and people make mistakes but HONESTLY, CHRISTOPHER!

Dirty Talk: I See You Shiver With Antici-

It is impossible not to feel Hallie and Christopher’s emotions right along with them. Young does an incredible job writing about their relationship from the moment they meet to when they start dating, and their moments together are memorable. The anticipation was killing me … and killing me … and oh my god just bang already. Young gets you all worked up only to have it interrupted by some insecurity or confession and while that is probably the case in 90% of first-time experiences and refreshing to read, sometimes, you just want the characters to get it on.

Christopher has a handful of Spanish he’s learned and one thing he picked up was a pet name from a friend: “Mi Cielo,” which means my heaven or sky. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: 

Pet👏🏻 names👏🏻are👏🏻 cringey👏🏻during👏🏻sexy👏🏻times👏🏻.

Ms. Perky’s Prize for Purplest Prose

“Then I checked her readiness, fingers searching gently … I gripped her by the thighs and pushed in … Hallie gasped, her inner thighs drawing up tight against my hips … Her lips parted on a cry as I slipped my hand between our bodies and thumbed the bundle of nerves at her apex.”

Not super explicit but still very hot.

We Need to Talk: Is This Real Life?

I loved that Young wrote about Hallie and Christopher not having sex all week because she was on her period. I have never read that in a romance novel! Also, Christopher asking what Hallie wanted in bed and not just assuming he was the best thing to happen to her was A+. The condom use also stands out (sex ed teachers rejoice) but it doesn’t get in the way of the lovemaking.  

Our love birds are working on themselves and their relationships with their parents, they are supportive and respectful of one another and they have open communication! It had me yearning for shit to hit the fan. I wanted more drama! Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long for that to happen! 

Was It Good for you?: Fly Me to the Moon 

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I was not disappointed with this book. It had fully developed characters and enough stuff happening outside of the romance that you were never bored with the characters. It was everything I love in a romance novel!

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from Berkley | Penguin Random House, did not receive payment for this review—and I now have pink hair. A Cosmic Kind of Love is available now.

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