About the Book

Title: Husband Material (London Calling #2)
Published: 2022

First Impressions: It’s The Same But Different!
What’s Your Type?: No Tropes, Only Drama
Meet Cute So We Meet Again: Is It Love Or Infatuation? 
The Lean: Lean Back
Dirty Sweet Talk: A Dash Of Sugar
We Need to Talk: The Struggle Is Real
Was it Good For You?: It’s Been A Slice

Content Warning: There is a lot of discussion about what a “proper” gay person should like and be like.

First Impressions: It’s The Same But Different!

I appreciate that there is a continued theme with the same colors and general aesthetic. Unlike the first book, this cover’s little objects actually represent what’s in the story. I also enjoy the character wardrobe: of course Luc is disheveled and Oliver is buttoned up. 

What’s Your Type?

  • No real tropes in this sequel. Only drama! 

Dating Profile 

Luc O’Donnel and Oliver Blackwood have been together for two years and the pressure to take their relationship to the next level is real. After Luc runs into his ex and gets invited to their wedding (which sends Luc spiraling because he has UNRESOLVED ISSUES), Luc starts feeling like in order to be happier he needs to put a ring on it. It doesn’t help that everyone around him is getting married and “moving forward” in their relationships. 

Meet Cute So We Meet Again: Is It Love Or Infatuation? 

I can’t believe Oliver and Luc have been together for 2 years! No, seriously—how are they still together? Oliver is in therapy (thank the Gods) but our French-toast-loving Luc is not and he definitely should be. Throughout the novel, Luc kept declaring how much he loved Oliver and while I somewhat believe that… the amount of arguing, nit-picking, and second guessing made it apparent that their relationship is more toxic than it used to be. 

The Lean: Lean Back

There was so much arguing between Luc and Oliver that I was rooting for a healthy, mature breakup and not a spontaneous marriage proposal. There were cute moments between the pair—which usually happened after an argument where one or both would apologize—but nothing that made you think, “Gosh, these two are so good together and in love. They should get married!” I think there was one blip on the sex radar, but it was over as quickly as it started. 

Dirty Sweet Talk: A Dash Of Sugar

No dirty talk in this book! Just some sweet words and the allusion of sexy times.

I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. For a moment, I could only look at this ridiculous, kind, and beautiful man who made ridiculous, kind, and beautiful gestures and was ridiculously, beautifully mine…We were definitely, definitely going to watch Pretty Woman. But maybe not for awhile.

Ms. Perky’s Prize for Purplest Prose

The writing includes the same great banter and wit as the first book in the series. It’s an easy read and Hall really knows how to keep you guessing until the end. There did seem to be some repetition when characters conversed; I know the style was used to convey a sort-of flustered state of mind, but it was hard to overlook. Unlike in Boyfriend Material, this ending did feel rushed. I wanted to know more…but I also don’t think I could have handled any more? Look at me having complicated back-and-forth feelings—just like the characters in the book!

We Need To Talk: The Struggle Is Real

I can’t say that I found Luc as charming and endearing as I did in the first book, and I’m not sure why Oliver has or wants to stick around. Their relationship is so obviously toxic that it’s hard to justify. At least the supporting characters I loved are back and make up for Luc’s lack of character development.

(Side rant with slight spoilers: I’m sorry, but your partner’s father dies and you revert back into your old ways of binge drinking and junk-food eating and think he’s mad at you?? I could not eye-roll hard enough.)

Was It Good For You?: It’s Been A Slice

It was ultimately exhausting reading page after page of this couple arguing over and over on variations of the same thing. (DO NOT get me started on Oliver’s eulogy for his father.) There are two more books in the works, but I’ll be breaking up with The London Calling series before those see the light of day. 

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from Sourcebooks Casablanca and have not received payment for this review, but I will forever be haunted by balloon arches. Husband Material is available now.

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