Cover of The Athena Protocol, featuring a young woman in shadow sitting gin front of a lit red triangle

About the Book

Title: The Athena Protocol (The Athena Protocol #1)
Published: 2019
Series: The Athena Protocol
Swoonworthy Scale: 5

Cover Story: Womanspreading
BFF Charm: Oda Mae Brown
Talky Talk: Laconic
Bonus Factors: Family, Diversity
Factor: Human Trafficking
Relationship Status: Thank You For Your Service

Cover Story: Womanspreading

Why is the model sitting like that? And what’s with the red triangle? Is it supposed to look like the letter A, or … Okay, better not to overthink it. At least the model looks sort of like Jessie. 

The Deal:

Jessie Archer is an operative of Athena, a private agency dedicated to saving women and children from human trafficking. The agency has a no-kill protocol, so when Jessie loses her temper and shoots a particularly nasty target, her superiors – including her mother, one of Athena’s founders – fire her. To prove herself, and also to protect her team/family, she decides to follow them on their next mission and investigate on her own. 

BFF Charm: Oda Mae Brown

BFF charm of Oda Mae Brown from GHOST

Sure, Jessie. Second-guess your highly trained and experienced leaders because they couldn’t do this job without you, even though you’ve only been on the team for a year. Go rogue and infiltrate a crime boss’s den all by yourself, after you literally just got fired for being too reckless. There’s no way this could possibly go wrong.

Swoonworthy Scale: 5

Jessie has all the usual spy character trust issues, so romance is a challenge, especially when flirting with a potential source of information. The swoon score might have been higher, though if not for a twist which you’ll probably see from the beginning. She’s basically a lesbian James Bond.

Talky Talk: Laconic

This is Jessie’s internal monologue when her mother checks on her after the failed mission:

“You okay?”

Lost my job. Made my first kill and I haven’t even been promoted. Having the time of my life.


If she weren’t the first-person narrator, we’d know hardly anything she was feeling. It makes one worry about her mental health, but as a stylistic choice for a character like this, it’s perfect.

Bonus Factor: Family

7 family members of all ages in a group hug

Jessie has a complicated but loving relationship with her mother Kit, a former rock star and recovering alcoholic, who was once an absent mother but is now dedicated to protecting women and children everywhere. The other members of Athena are a family too, balancing the risks they send each other into with care and loyalty, from small things like a nutrition plan to waiting outside someone’s hospital room all night.

Bonus Factor: Diversity

Faces of all different races, ethnicities and genders.

Athena was founded by African-American, Chinese, and English women. Their team includes a Middle Eastern and an Asian-British agent. They work together with mutual respect, but the author doesn’t ignore the potential for conflict. There is a painful but necessary moment where Jessie confronts her own bias against a POC teammate. 

Factor: Human Trafficking

I almost named this an anti-bonus factor because the practice itself is so horrible, but I do appreciate that the Athena group makes the survivors their first priority, taking care of them and helping them become independent. I would have liked to see a bit more of that side of the organization, even though it’s not exactly action thriller material.

Relationship Status: Thank You For Your Service

Dear Book, you just grabbed my hand and pulled me headlong out of a horrible situation. I’m truly grateful, but let’s not make a habit of this.

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FTC Full Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review. The Athena Protocol is available now.

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